When MANIFEST unleashes their 4th full length album on February 27th 2015, it`s been ten years since the group debuted with the infamous underground brutality opus Half Past Violence [Edgerunner Music, 2005]. During those ten years, the band has played countless stages around Europe and established themselves as one of the most dangerous live bands ever to emerge from Norway. With each album conquering new ground, always evolving, this new album sets another milestone in the bands carreer.

"...And For This We Should Be Damned?" was recorded live-in-studio. The band worked closely with producer Håkon Gebhardt for this recording. He pushed the band beyond limits to capture the fierce, raw and organic energy on tape. This album represents a true band effort, in a way that is rarely heard in the metal world these days.

For the mixing & mastering, MANIFEST once again turned to Knut Prytz. Prytz has worked with the band before, both as producer & engineer on the two previous albums. He knows the band inside-out and delivered a great sounding mix that really stands out.

The cover artwork is made by K3n Adams. K3n is probably best known for his extensive design work for Lamb of God, but he has worked with dozens of other bands including Slayer/Hellyeah/Coheed & Cambria. The image of venomous snakes erupting from a dove, complements the albums music and lyrics in a perfect way.

New track "Burning Brimstones" streaming now!

Complete tracklisting:
1. Seven Doors Won`t Do
2. Stretched & Strung
3. Violently Engaged
4. Sancta Vénere
5. The Cadaver On Your Mental Doorstep
6. Justified Means
7. Immune
8. Burning Brimstones
9. Sincerely
10. Olympia Cathrin

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